Testimonial & Reviews

HSU YA MEXT Scholarship Recipient, B.E. Marine Engineering (Myanmar Maritime University)

I studied IELTS at SLD for two months. For someone who did not have former training in English, it was not easy. However, I am a very hardworking person and my teacher loved that. Every day was hard work for both my teacher and me, and the result I got was quite an achievement. I got Band 7.

SOPHIE LAMIN Physician, University of Medicine 1, Yangon

I met SLD when it was just founded. With a few other classmates that I met, we did a lot of trainings and practices in IELTS. I got an overall Band 7, which my teachers was not so happy about. They expected an 8 from me, but I got nervous in the speaking test and it affected my grade. 😅

MAMI HLIMPUII Studying and living now in Salzburg, Austria

I would highly recommend the SLD language center if you are looking for an IELTS class. As the class is usually small you will get highly intensive care by the teacher. You will be taught different techniques to help you fulfill the required score. Both teacher Francis and teacher Nway are extremely helpful to students so don’t worry about any difficulty you may encounter through your study.