Course Quotation for Companies

English Courses 

SLD offers Communicative English, Academic courses, and Early Childhood Education. Communicative English are designed to help students with practical English that are essential for social communication. For companies, Communicative English is offered with additional inputs, such as, Email Writing, Telephone Answering, Minute  

Writing, Presentation Skills, etc. Depending on the needs of staff, SLD can always create new lessons to meet students’ needs. 

Academic English courses entail research foundations, Mini-thesis writing, IELTS 

Foundation and Test Preparation, TOEFL and TOEIC preparation courses, ACT, and more. 

Since April of this year, SLD has started offering programs for Teens and Young Learners. 

Our Teaching Approaches 

SLD uses communicative teaching approaches, which straightly follow CELTA’s guidelines. Decades of traditional teaching methods at school here normally do not help students to be independent thinkers, problem solvers, or initiators. The teaching methods used by SLD are found to be highly effective in remedying and compensating what the school systems here fail to provide for students. SLD classes are very engaging that they help students to become active participants in their work places. The school measures its success by the achievements and progress of the students, not by paper tests. The straight rules, creative assessment criteria and measurements are used in order to keep students motivated throughout their learning processes. 

Teaching Experiences at Companies 

SLD has worked with a few companies and organizations like CP, NTN (Synapse Original), US AIDs, WCS Myanmar (Wildlife conservation), KOFI, and Posco International. For NTN, we have been training their staff for 3 years now, and for Posco company, we are still training their administrators for TOEIC exams. 

The real needs of company staff members 

After working with a lot of companies, many times what company staff need is simple English for communications, with some additional inputs like email writing, some language functions for attending meetings, doing presentations, and so on. 

Courses for Companies 

We offer Communication English with skills needed for work contexts. Students will develop strong communication skills and other work-related skills, such as, presentation skills, writing skills for email, memo, reports, etc. We use communicative teaching methods that cultivate all the four skills—reading, writing, speaking, and listening—with strong grammar foundations. 

Course Quotation for Companies

As SLD’s mission is to mainly serve students from Middle class and poor class, the tuition fee for them is very much affordable. However, the course fee for companies is normally 10 times more expensive because well-established companies should pay for the right amount of tuition fee for the quality education we provide.

However, this is Covid time, a difficult time for everyone, so we are going to offer the same course fee to you. Besides, Moe Myintzu is our old friend we would like to extend the same service that we provide to students in need.

Tuition Fee for online classes

Option A: Online Class Tuition Fee per Level (For joining our current regular classes လက်ရှိအတန်းတွေကို Join မည်ဆိုလျှင်)


Class Hour

Period of classes per week

Number of Weeks

Tuition Fee Per Head


2 hours

3 classes

8 weeks







Pre-Intermediate I 





Pre-Intermediate II










Additional Fee 

  • Placement Test (Level Test) is free for Shwe Taung Co. Ltd

  • Material Fee (only softcopy) and Library fee (Workbook pdf + Audios) 14,000 Kyats per head

Option B: Online Class Tuition Fee per Level for exclusive classes (without customized curriculum/ company staff များအတွက် သီးသန့်အတွက်ပဲ ပုံမှန် curriculumနှင့် အတန်းဖွင့်ပေးရမည်ဆိုလျှင်)

  1. For a class of 9-12 students (The tuition fee will be the same as above)

  2. For a class of 8 and below, the company will still have to pay equivalent amount of 8 students for each class (but material fee and library fee will be collected only per head)

  • Note: As for the bonus package for both A and B, we will provide writing lessons for CV writing, Business email writings, Minute and Memo writings, and effective presentation skills

Option C: We can also offer customized curriculum for the company at difficult course fee, but from our experience this is not necessary for most Myanmar people.

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