About Us

SLD is the premium English Language Institute that exists to equip students with strong academic foundations for higher studies and to help corporate staff with the essential skills they need to be more effective in their communications.

Join SLD Language Center if you are looking for passionate teachers who will understand you more, who will care for you sincerely, and who will put extra efforts to help you learn English efficiently. At SLD, the teachers with international qualifications understand the local education systems and the challenges of studying abroad or work environment very well, so they know the best ways to remedy the weaknesses you may have, foster essential skills you will need for academic or work challenges and forge excellence in you to be successful in your future. Our small-size classes ensure you to have full attention and help from the teachers that you will make the most of your time and resources. Moreover, by studying at SLD you will begin to appreciate “learning” as important as the air we need to breathe because it is a way of life that opens up our deeper understanding of the world around us and our own life. Also, you will continue to learn throughout your life because learning is a crucial endeavor for rebuilding the country’s education system and a sure step for reforming the country for every aspect of life for the better. By joining SLD family, you will find friends who will never stop learning and sharing. If you are a foreigner, studying at SLD will help you learn not just English, but also understand Myanmar people and their culture from interacting with local our kind local teachers and students from different corners of the country