About Us

About SLD Education

 SLD was founded in 2018 in order to help students who are preparing for their future careers and higher studies abroad. Later, SLD extended the services to companies in training and equipping the staff with practical English skills that are essential for their responsibilities and for the success of their companies.

 Our Vision-Mission

 As a language school, SLD seeks to contribute in the country’s goal to rebuild the education system by equipping young students, especially those who are preparing for higher education, with strong academic English skills and foundations. SLD aims to contribute to the development goals of the nation by helping young professions with English skills that they need to be more efficient and successful in their chosen fields. SLD seeks to promote justice by training people to be critical thinkers who will become valuable resources for the country. SLD seeks the development of moral and intellectual virtues for the betterment of all humankind.

 About the founders

 The founders are Nway Nway Zaw Min and Francis Ling Khui Shing. They have been working in the education sectors for more than 13 years. They are both very passionate about Education and they fully understand about the power of education. They also know about the country’s education system well and the skills the young people lack to be competent in their studies and work. Plus, they are great at customizing the courses they teach to meet the real needs of students and staff from companies.