About SLD

In 2018, SLD was founded in order to help students who are preparing for their future careers and higher studies abroad by equipping them with necessary Academic English skills and competencies to excel at a globally competitive work and education environments. Soon, SLD extended the services to companies in training their staff with the practical English skills necessary for carrying out their responsibilities effectively. After Covid pandemic hit Myanmar, SLD started offering classes for Teens and Children to help them continue learning for their future lives.

SLD Vision-Mission Statement

As a language school, SLD seeks to contribute in the country’s goal to rebuild the education system by training young students, especially those are preparing for higher education to be future leaders, with strong academic English foundations and skills. SLD aims to contribute to the developmental goals of the nation by helping young professions with English skills that they need to be more efficient and successful in their chosen fields. SLD aims to enable young people to be critical thinkers who would uphold not just intellectual virtues, but also humanistic and moral values.

Our Approach to Learning

SLD upholds the motto of “Forging Lifelong Excellence”. To be excellent at something, all humans need to practice again and again like forging gold. Hard work, proper coaching and guides, and a lot of repetitions are necessary to bring out the best in everyone. In SLD, curriculums and learning approaches are carefully designed to help students optimize their learning outcomes. The teaching approaches in SLD are very interactive and intellectually challenging, so students will have no time to feel bored. The curriculum also includes the up-to-date general topics and questions that kindle both students’ interests and critical and analytical thinking skills. SLD assess and measure the holistic growth of students: the progress of students is measured class participation, day to day assignment completion, exams, etc. Students use a lot of modern tools to do their assignments.

About the founders

The founders are Nway Nway Zaw Min (MA Education, Xavier University, Philippines) and Tr. Francis Ling (MA School Management, AB Philosophy, Ateneo de Manila University, Philippines). They have been passionately working in the education sectors for more than 15 years because they fully understand about the power of education. They also know about the country’s education system well and the skills the young people lack to be competent in their studies and work at international level. In addition, they are great at customizing the courses